Grants and Awards

Atmonia projects have received grants in total of $8,2 Million since 2016

For example the European Union Funded collaborative projects VERGE and FIREFLY as well as The Association of Businesswomen equality award and award from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.


VERGE, European Union funded, Horizon Europe

VERGE collaboration project, that will be the first of a kind, electrochemical process for sustainable anhydrous ammonia production from renewable electricity.

Collaboration with The University of Iceland, RWTH Aachen University, VITO, MS Balti, TEGA and Ecovibes.

VERGE website

FIREFLY, European Union funded, Horizon Europe

FIREFLY collaboration project for electrochemical catalyst recycling, usage of all elements throughout the entire catalyst value chain cycle in a sustainable way with electrochemistry.

Collaboration with VITO, Solvakem, ENGIE Belgium, PNO Innovation Belgium, INECOM, INOVERTIS, 6TMIC Centrale Lille, LPRC La Palma Research Center, Tecnalia Research & Innovation, SINTEF, KU Leuven, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha and Johnson Matthey.

FIREFLY website

Circular Economy Fund
Circular Economy Fund (Hringrásarhagkerfið) from the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate in Iceland. Collaboration with SORPA to test the production of nitrate fertilizer from ammonia that is a waste stream from SORPA’s methane gas processing from organic waste in GAJA, the gas and composting plant in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Hjólað í vinnuna
Hjólað í vinnuna, “Cycle to work” competition in Iceland, 3rd place for percentage of days, encouragement for health and well-being for employees. Our very own employee,  Sayeh, additionally won the photography contest.

2022 & 2021

The Association of Businesswomen equality award, for equal gender ratio within management and executive boards within the Icelandic economy.


Technology Development Fund
The Technology Development Fund of the Icelandic Center of Research grant funding for development of our sustainable nitrate fertilizer system (“Umhverfisvæn framleiðsla á nítrat áburði”)


United Nations Industrial Development Organization, ITPO Italy for Innovation in  agriculture, women category 2019


Start-up business plan competition in Reykjavík Iceland, 1st place for innovative development of technology to create sustainable ammonia fertiliser using only air, electricity and water. 


Start-up Energy Reykjavík
Icelandic innovative start-up accelerator.