Clean process for nitrogen fertilizer production

Atmonia is an early stage company, developing a breakthrough electro-catalytic process for generating aqueous ammonia from air and water, for direct use as fertilizer through irrigation. The Atmonia process, unlike conventional ammonia production, is zero carbon and works at ambient pressure and temperature and is based on economical and abundant catalysts

Zero Carbon

Ammonia production is currently one of the major contributors to carbon emissions world wide. The Atmonia process does not emit any CO2.

Aquous Fertilizer

Fertilizer that is ready to be used directly with fertigation systems.


Electrochemical process that can easily be scaled in size to fit various farms

Renewable energy

The process is ideal to use with renewable energy such as solar and wind, as it is intermittent, operating at ambient temperature and pressure.

Micro scale

Fertilizer that is made directly at the farm, in the right amounts


Abundant, non-toxic and relatively cheap raw-materials.