Advisory board

Ron Witherspoon

Ron has 40 years of experience from investments in agriculture, started a number of companies, held board positions and has brought in a number of foreign investments. Ron has held four senior positions with Farm Credit Corporation. Ron also managed an agricultural venture capital fund, and as a result gained extensive experience with start-ups. 

Daniel Donner

Dan is currently an independent strategic investor in agribusiness and renewable energy, with a strong focus on sustainable agriculture. Previously working in the agriculture sector for 33 years, Dan has led business development and operations teams in North America, Brazil and Europe.

Ray Dowbenko

Ray is a former (retired) Senior Agronomist for Nutrien, with over 30 years of industry experience. Ray works with research scientists, academics, retailers, growers, industry groups and regulatory agencies in the areas of fertilizer and agricultural research, policy, environment and sustainability issues.

Dave Eastham

Dave is a chemical engineer with over 40 years of experience in both petrochemicals and agricultural chemicals on development and commercialization of new technologies.  Until recently, he led efforts to reduce energy use and improve operations sustainability in ammonia and urea plants across North America.

Robin Woodward

Robin is the Principal of RW Consulting, a Regina-based consulting firm focussed on alternative energy development and agriculture. Robin has 20+ years’ experience in managing companies through innovation & commercialization processes, business planning, policy development, stakeholder involvement, forestry and farm management.