Reinventing the future

Atmonia is developing a nitrogen electrolyser with our patented catalyst. The technology uses only air, water and electricity for direct ammonia production. This enables zero carbon ammonia production, when applying renewable electricity. 

Carbon Free

Ammonia production is currently a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The Atmonia nitrogen Electrolyser will not emit any greenhouse gases and is especially suitable in the new era of distributed renewable electricity generation.


The current production process of ammonia (Haber-Bosch) is not only highly polluting but must also be run centrally in large factories to be economical, which is even exaggerated when adding green hydrogen production to the infrastructure. At the same time renewable electricity is intermittent and being installed in a distributed manner. The Atmonia nitrogen electrolyser is designed in units of 150 t/year production capacity, stackable to fit any user and with minimal turn off cost, it is a perfect fit with intermittent electricity. 

This increases food safety and access to fuel, while also saving large carbon footprint from the global distribution of fertiliser and fossil fuel. 


The Atmonia System can deliver sustainable ammonia in the conventional anhydrous form, or in an aqueous solution. An aqueous solution can contain appropriate acids to form for example ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate or di-ammonium phosphate, which can then be applied directly to the field. 


The sustainable ammonia produced by Atmonia’s system will be fully applicable into the emerging e-fuel market. Combustion engines and fuel cells that utilise ammonia as energy source in a sustainable manner are in development by various manufacturers.  Ammonia is furthermore a suitable energy carrier and can be cracked to hydrogen.