Reinventing the future

Based in Reykjavík, Iceland, Atmonia is at the forefront of electrochemistry for the sustainable reduction of atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia. Our patented catalyst are currently being scaled up for industrial production of ammonia appropriate for use both directly in agriculture and as a new fuel source in global shipping.

Electrochemical process

Electrochemical process that utilizes patented catalysts for ammonia production for use as fuel or fertilizer.

Aqueous Fertilizers

The Atmonia System will deliver ammonium in an aqueous solution, which can also contain appropriate acids to form ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate (e.g. nitrate from our Nitrate Production System) or di-ammonium phosphate.

The Atmonia Nitrate Production System uses ammonia (e.g. from Atmonia System), calcium or potassium to form ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate or potassium nitrate in water.

Any of the resulting aqueous ammonia and nitrate fertilizers described above can then be used directly on crops with any method for liquid fertilizer application

Carbon Neutral

Ammonia and nitrate production are currently major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The Atmonia systems and the Atmonia Nitrate Production System will not emit any greenhouse gasses